Increasing the Capacity of Your Team, While Keeping Costs Down

Finding a new talent can be a time-consuming and costly exercise for a business, and finding a way of expanding the team on a tight budget is the concern of many managers and human resources officers. The recruitment process can be length and expensive, and even after this process you could still find yourself short staffed. So how can a company or organisation resource fresh new talent with a minimal budget?

There are many stages involved in recruiting people, particularly if you are recruiting for an important role within the busness. Advertising the role is essential if you want jobseekers to know about the position, as is looking through all of the applications and assessing them on an individual basis. Next comes shortlisting those applications, inviting the candidates for interview, preparing the interview and conducting the interview. Once you have been through all these stages and make an offer to the successful candidate, they may still turn down the job.

The problem with the recruitment process is often that companies don't enter into recruitment activities until they need to find someone urgently. Whether it's time, money or resources which a company or organisation is short on, it means that the recruitment process needs to take place at an accelerated pace.

One of the best ways of ensuring a supply of talent whenever you need it is keeping a good databse of unsuccessful applications or even employees applying for promotions. They might have been turned down for a role in the past, but this doesn't mean they won't necessarily be suitable in the future for a different position. Don't throw away CVs - keep them on record, as you never know when you might need them. Keeping a record of all these is one of the best ways of resourcing new talent in minimum time and budget.

Recruiting this way also reduces the need to actually advertise a vacant position. If you have a database of talent you can consult, then even if you find many of them have moved on to new jobs, they might be able to suggest friends or contacts which would be suitable.

By offering a financial incentive for current or ex-employees to recommend relevant individuals you could save yourself a lot of time and money, when compared with the traditional recruitment process. Advertising a role will attract a wider range of people, but sometimes exploiting available contacts is the best way of finding new talent on the cheap...

About the Author:
John Mce writes on a number of subjects including professional recruitment services.

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Date Published : Jan 27 2011

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