Entrepreneurs Need to Step Aside and Let Their Interim HR Professional Work Their Miracles

Entrepreneurs and innovators are the backbone of our technologies and industries. America and the world celebrate entrepreneurs daily and for good reason. If it weren't for the entrepreneur, our world would not progress and markets would proliferate.

One of the worst things that can happen to an entrepreneur who has a product or service that is experiencing rapid growth is to start outsourcing through temporary professional staffing firms. Progress and growth are great but there are times when entrepreneurs get in their own way when it comes to human resources staffing.

Entrepreneurs make some common mistakes when trying to increase staffing but do not leave it to the professionals who know HR staffing and what is required to efficiently hire temporary help to aid the entrepreneur. For one thing, entrepreneurs tend to micromanage every aspect of their business and will want to know everything concerned with the temp company. That's fine and well but when it comes to paying for the extra time and effort involved in documenting all details, the entrepreneur finds sticker shock. It wise for the entrepreneur to step aside and let the professional do their job.

There are other mistakes the entrepreneur will makes such as have too many bosses when a singular decision by an outsourcing human resource staffing professional will make based on simple experience. Too many cooks in the kitchen, kills the souffle.

Some entrepreneurs approach their temp professional agency with unrealistic timelines and budgets. The entrepreneur must understand that some HR staffing takes time to carry on background checks, proper interviews and selections.

A fatal mistake by some entrepreneurs is they dump everything in the temp agency's lap and take off for parts unknown thinking that they can conduct it all by telephone or email. When entrepreneurs do not take the time to work closely with the temp professional firm and expects results by a certain deadline, the house of cards will collapse. But don't blame the outsourcer. The entrepreneur must take a look in the mirror and study the reflection.

The relationship between entrepreneur and interim HR staffing firm is definitely symbiotic. Let the outsourced company take over and perform miracles by following their professional guidelines. The entrepreneur should have a hands-off policy but observe and work closely while the magic happens. Then the right personnel can be hired in a timely manner and work to move the business to success...

About the Author:
Continuiti (http://www.continuiti.com/) its all about hiring Human Resources Staffing Professionals. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

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Date Published : Jan 27 2011

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