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Human resource management (HRM) is the strategy and approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

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177 Human Resource Will Become More Strategic for Companies
178 How Important are Employee Engagement Surveys?
179 Recipe for a Successful Merger
180 Disruptive Technology Affects HR Staffing
181 Human Resource Management - A Closer Look
182 Meaningfully Managing Mergers
183 Keep Your Business Safe by Checking Employee Backgrounds
184 The Hire Someone With Product Knowledge Myth
185 Working Yourself Happy
186 Getting Along with the Boss
187 Common Hiring Mistakes
188 How to Select the Right Person for the Job - The 3 Essentials
189 Predict Conflict with Employee and Team Assessments
190 Write a Job Description that Works for Your Employees
191 Grow Your Subordinate's Competence by Being Less Tolerant
192 An Environment that Motivates Employees
193 Retaining Employees Based on Best Practices
194 A Closer Look at Human Resource Management
195 How to Motivate Employees
196 How Do You Want to be Rewarded on the Job ? Be in the Drivers Seat
197 Presentation Involves Your Very Vital Career Success
198 So you want to get promoted?
199 Job Interviews Give Them What They Want to Hear
200 Where has the Human in HR Gone?
201 Security Awareness: Are Your Employees Prepared?
202 7 Keys to Create a Customer Focused Culture
203 What Employees Really Want
204 Motivating Your Employees Toward Success
205 The Employment Tests Myth
206 Is Using Past Success as a Factor in Hiring a Mistake?
207 Growing Your Strategic Consulting Skills
208 Help, I've been Promoted to a Manager's Role
209 Employee Retention - Building Commitment
210 10 Ways to Stimulate Employee Motivation
211 Employee Problems? How Regularly are You Having to Recruit?
212 Cover Letter Versus Resume, Which is More Important?
213 Navigating the Thin Blue Line: The Importance of Training and Policy Management
214 Having People Focus on the Things that Matter - Writing and Using Job Descriptions
215 Training Black Belts or Hiring Them -- Which is Better?
216 How To Write a Job Description
217 Resumes That Work
218 Hiring for Success
219 Starting Your New Employees Off Right
220 Why Training Fails
221 Lower Turnover + Less Accidents + Better Teamwork
222 Six Bottom-Line Best Practices in Recruiting
223 Identify and Remedy Work Addiction
224 Motivating Others - What's The Real Answer?
225 Increase Your Profits By Training Your People
226 Working with Difficult People: 3 Questions to Help You Turn Your Tormentors into Teachers

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