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Performance Management Plan Template

The Performance Management Plan Template is a deliverable style document that provides a framework for your performance management approach and performance tracking.  The plan includes a performance management activities matrix which reflects by functional role the assigned responsibilities for key performance management activities.  Also included are a performance objectives section and a section for documenting performance standards and management processes.

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Communication Plan Template

The Communication Plan Template is a deliverable style document that provides a framework to ensure successful execution of the performance initiative.  This Communication Plan Template will help your organization document the methods used to gather and store information.  The plan includes a Communication Matrix which contains a distribution structure detailing whom the information will flow to and what methods will be used to distribute it.  The Communication Plan Template will help you describe the information to be distributed including specific document names and standard formats to be used.  The template will help you manage production schedules and specify the communication processes and structures among team members.

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Vision and Scope Definition Template

The Vision and Scope Definition Template is a deliverable style template that simplifies the process of defining the scope of the performance initiative.  Understanding the scope of your performance initiative is vital to managing performance and the success of your performance initiative.  This template helps organizations document exactly what they will be delivering and what the boundaries of the performance initiative are.

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Dashboard Development Template

The dashboard template is an excellent tool for when your organization is ready to display your performance results in graphical form.  This template includes data values and charts for customer satisfaction, expense to revenue ratio, net profit after tax, sales/production, operational efficiency, return on capital employed and many more.  The template is ready for you to input the appropriate data into the data tables and copy the charts to your reports and deliverables.

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Logic Model Template

The Logic Model Template is a decision support tool used to visually describe the linkages between program goals, activities, and expected outcomes.  It describes how a program should work, presents the planned activities for the program, describes how activities will be documented, and focuses on anticipated outcomes.  The Logic Model Template includes five main components:  inputs, outputs, outcomes, assumptions and external factors.

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Training Needs Analysis Template

The Training Needs Analysis Template is designed to show collective and individual training needs and priorities.  Complete with a set of predefined common element descriptions, the template only requires you to input scores.  Or, you can customize the elements to meet your specific business objectives.

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