Spending Less Time in the Queue With Self Service EPOS Retail Systems

Do you know that the average person spends around 169 hours of their life queuing? That is roughly six months of your life, and you will spend even longer queuing if the EPOS retail points are broken. That last part might not have made a lot of sense to some people, allow me to explain. An EPOS retail system stands for Electronic Point of Sale, which in effect is a till or checkout that you will probably have spent your life queuing up at.

Thankfully the industry has always managed to come up with a number of solutions to this problem that has helped speed the process up for individuals who are in a hurry. There was the ten items and less till which allows people who are only in the shop to purchase a few items the benefit of jumping the long queues with individuals with full trolleys. The latest invention from the supermarkets appears to be the self service tills.

These EPOS retail tills allow individuals to completely skip the process of queuing and waiting for the next available checkout operator and instead become part of the team themselves. Basically people can go straight to an available machine, scan their items, choose their method of payment and utilise any vouchers and get out of the store. On average it can save anywhere between 2 - 5 minutes off the average queuing time of an individual.

Obviously these EPOS retail systems have to have a lot of clever technology installed into the machines to ensure that there are no items taken by the individual that they have not scanned or paid for. To make sure that there are no problems, a weighing scale has been installed to the side of the till that individuals must place items in once they have been scanned. If the item that has been scanned doesn't match that of what is in the weighing area or an item is placed in the weighing area that hasn't been scanned the system will call up an error.

Obviously, there is always going to be possible issues with these systems and that is why there has to be a number of individuals who are trained to look after these EPOS retail systems. There are a number of computer companies on the internet who can provide support to these systems, if you company runs electronic point of sale tills and needs assistance then get online and find a company that can help you to support the tills in 2010...

About the Author:
Dominic Donaldson is a business analyst with many years of experience in the retail industry. Find out more about EPOS retail at http://www.barronmccann.com/

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Date Published : Aug 21 2010

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