Customer Service in the New Economy-Part One

In the present economy, organizations must conform to the increased standards of customer service. The consumer's voice is loud and clear; they are exercising their rights, scrutinizing service, and methodically patronizing businesses that offer a distinguish level of satisfaction. There are eight essential service dynamics, companies should consider in the effort to attract and retain customers, giving them the competitive edge. Integrating the elements of care, ultimate experience, superior fulfillment, timely response, optimism, measured success, exemplary service, and resourcefulness (CUSTOMER) is the key to satisfying a client's needs during an unstable economy.

A caring organization is the difference between failure and success. Businesses with this understanding should adapt to the voice of consumers, whereby administering new and improved training which focuses on positive behaviors that exemplify friendliness, responsiveness, and helpfulness. These attributes play a significant role in attracting and retaining patrons and will reinforce the organization's commitment to care and motivation to go the “extra mile”.

Ultimate experiences create “wow” factors that are difficult for competitors to duplicate. For example, some organizations have mastered one of the most crucial doctrines of satisfaction by pleasing “every customer, every visit, every time”. Polished actions that result in prestigious awards and titles for getting it right the “first time” are accomplished through public perception, word of mouth, and interpersonal customer bonds that result in dominance within the industry.

Achieving a high level of superior fulfillment typically results in attaining customers for life. Fulfillment at this level makes customers less likely to sway toward the competitor regardless of enticements promoting lower prices, convenience, and better product and services. Organizations need to develop and execute flawless services that offer a sense of fulfillment that will foster loyalty.

Timely responses are essential to the lifetime value of a customer. Companies should incorporate and/or reiterate practices, policies and procedures through the timely dissemination of honest and accurate information with openness to their clientele by staying true to their values while standing behind their name, products, and services.

Optimism is crucial for the existence of any operation. Businesses should be mindful of the day-to-day challenges and find creative ways to provide solutions that meet the needs of their customer. Organizations must be able to remain optimistic when facing adversity and focus on the organizational strategies aligned with exceptional customer service. Positive companies want customers to feel encouraged and valued during the exchange of goods and services.

Measured success means companies should always strive to meet and exceed customer expectations by using organizational “report cards” to highlight their performance. Soliciting feedback and staying connected with customers will minimize complaints and maximize compliments. Organizations should implement rigorous training programs as a means of measuring success with a focus on customer satisfaction and responsiveness to the needs of the patron.

Exemplary service is difficult to duplicate. Organizations operating on this level have life-long patrons. Customers become advocates for the company (free advertising) because the level of commitment to service is nothing short of extraordinary. As a result, businesses have mastered the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty, giving them the competitive edge.

Resourceful organizations empower their associates with positive reinforcement. Companies that motivate and enrich their workforce with knowledge are proficient in handling issues. Businesses that employ creative thinkers usually are attentive and responsive and have the ability to find solutions in a timely manner.

Organizations that put “customers first” and committed to excellence incorporate the eight essential service dynamics. Each component plays an intricate part in the company's overall success and provide the elements, fundamental to day-to-day operations. The ultimate goal of the CUSTOMER dynamic is to maximize customer fulfillment and increase loyalty. Integrating care, ultimate experience, superior fulfillment, timely response, optimism, measured success, exemplary service, and resourcefulness (CUSTOMER) will provide patrons with a distinguished level of satisfaction and reiterate the organization's commitment to customer service...

About the Author:
Yolanda Ogletree is the President of Suave Elegance & Styles. Yolanda is expected to complete a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in July 2012 with a concentration in management.

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Date Published : Feb 15 2011

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