Customer Relationship Management Articles

Customer relationship management(CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.

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151 Customer Service Begins with an A
152 Be Sure To Provide Great Customer Service
153 The greatest customer service trait
154 The Case for Customer Partnerships
155 Invasion of the Loyalty Cards
156 The Customer Experience Process
157 The Internet is a Cold and Distant Place -- Warming Up Your Customer's Perspective of You, Part 1
158 Time to Rethink Customer Loyalty
159 Taking Good Care of Your Customers with a Service Software
160 Customer service v's customer satisfaction - what's the difference?
161 Awards for Lousy Customer Service
162 Cultivate Relationships to Increase Margins
163 What is a Customer?
164 How to Build Customer Loyalty Simply By Making Keeping Credible Promises to the Marketplace
165 Tips to Develop Satisfied Customers - One of Your Best Assets
166 Building a List Just to Sell It? Be Aware
167 Law Firm Marketing Strategies: 3 Keys to Reaping the Rewards of Relationships
168 Top Ten Things Customers Don't Want to Hear--And What to Say Instead
169 How Astrology Can Be Helpful in Your Life
170 The Long-Term Value of a Photobuyer…Cultivate Them for Future Profits
171 Sales Opportunities through CRM and Email Marketing
172 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a CRM for Your Company
173 Telephone Customer Service Training
174 How to Keep Your Customer Base Thriving
175 Role of customer service in success of business
176 Great Advice for Your Debt Business
177 The Sixth Secret of Customer Service
178 How to Please Most of Your Customers and Keep Them Happy with Less
179 The Secret to Filling the Prospect Pipeline in 2008
180 Are you allowing customers stress you out?
181 Business Software and Customer Relationship Management Systems - Why Your Business Needs Them
182 Etiquette for Customer Service on the Phone
183 Customer Depreciation
184 A Smile Can Fix (Almost) Anything
185 Are Your Customers Scared, Scarred or Skeptical?
186 Our Clients Must Come First
187 How Much Time Do You Spend Listening?
188 How to Get The Best Out Of Your Phone
189 6 Reasons Why People Will Commit to Your Mortgage...Or Maybe Not!
190 Do You 'Make a Sale' or 'Provide an Experience'?
191 Should Your New Business Give Discounts to Attract New Clients?
192 Customer Loyalty - Does it work? - 7 Steps to Client Retention
193 Holidays and the Business School Graduate
194 The Myth of Exceeding Customer Expectations
195 10 Ways to Ask the Client to Do Business with You
196 A Better Way to Talk With Unhappy Customers
197 Learn the Secrets of Customer Experience that Drive Ultra High Business Performance
198 Seven Deadly Sins of Customer Service
199 Forget the Fockers…Meet Your Customers
200 SIGNS of Service: Master Sign Language to Communicate with your Customers

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