Customer Relationship Management Articles

Customer relationship management(CRM) is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.

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101 Don't Just Close Sales - Close Relationships
102 Customers - Hold Onto the Ones You've Got
103 The Added Value - Is YOU
104 The Sale is Not Complete Without References
105 Capturing Lifetime Customers
106 Call Centres; Customer or Internal Metric Focus?
107 Customers are Your Best Prospects
108 Re-activating Past Clients
109 How to Keep Customers
110 How Easy is It to Buy From You?
111 Defusing Customer Disputes: 7 Strategies to Centered Communication
112 Who are Your Best 10 Prospects?
113 Customers - What They Really Want - 6 Secrets of Customer Service
114 Ten of the Easiest Ways to Lose Your Customers
115 How to Bond a Business Relationship
116 Marketing 101: Be Noticed by Others
117 How To Craft A Killer Complaint Letter
118 Define Your Best Customer
119 How to Improve Customer Service and Get Thousands of New Customers Flocking You
120 Answer Seven Powerful Questions to Deliver Superior Service
121 Clients... and 38 Ways to Communicate with Them
122 Marketing 101: Helping the Customer
123 5 Action Ideas to Deal with Difficult People
124 Five Smooth Tactics to Neutralize Conflicts Enhance Communication
125 The Customer is Always Right - Phooey
126 The Complexities of Running a Successful Call Center
127 Difficult Customers - There's No Such Thing
128 Generate Word of Mouth in Six Steps
129 Always Thrill the Customer
130 If Your Customers are Not Complaining You may Have a Problem
131 Do Your Clients See You as a Valuable Resource?
132 10 Ways to Break it to Them Gently - Diplomacy Tips that Keep Customers
133 Focusing on Consistency (Part 2)
134 Focusing on Consistency (Part 1)
135 Marketing Great Customer Service Myth or Reality
136 Active Listening - A Key To Sales Success
137 For Openers - Five Greetings that Boost Sales to Walk-in Visitors
138 Keeping Customers when Things Go Wrong - Five Keys to Turning Upset Customers into Fans
139 Tips for Uncovering Customer Hassles
140 Leveraging your Existing Customer Base
141 Customer Service Secrets: Six Secrets of Outstanding Customer Satisfaction
142 Making Connections - How to Create Rapport with Anyone in Less than 30 Seconds
143 Small Business Marketing Strategy - The Importance of Customer Commonality
144 Bad Customer Service Is Not So Funny: Five Secrets to Giving Outstanding Customer Service
145 Check Yourself for Outstanding Customer Service
146 Building Bridges of Communication
147 The Humility Advantage - How Less Ego Creates More Sales
148 When Talking to Strangers - 3 Reasons Potential Customers May Distrust You
149 Winning Customer Experiences
150 The Truth About Really Great Customer Service

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