Technical Considerations in Notepad Printing

In this special tutorial for notepad printing, I will teach you all the different technical considerations when you start designing and printing your custom notepads. You might have thought that notepad printing is simple enough, but there are a few technical details that you should at least learn to help you make the correct choices in notepad printing.

So without further ado, here is the information that you need to create your own custom color notepads.

1. Size considerations - The first technical consideration for you is the flyer size. In most cases, a letter-sized notepad is best. However, depending on the real purpose of your custom notepad, you might want to change this into something else. Larger notepads might be appropriate for functional purposes, or smaller custom notepads might be good as giveaways and marketing tools. Here are the basic sizes that you can use and choose from typically from notepad printing

a. 8.5 by 11 inches - standard letter type notepads. This is the best size you can use
b. 4.25 by 5.5 inches - smaller type notepads perfect for marketing
c. 4.25 by 7 inches - longer type color notepads for office use
d. 11 by 17 inches - Large type custom notepads from specific purposes

2. Color printing considerations - Another technical consideration that you must know about is the color printing options. You have more options than the typical black ink printing for notepads. You can put in full color designs if need be, or you can also use specific color inks for the lines and the signatures in your custom notepads. Here are the specific options that you can try out.

a. Full color notepad printing - Used if you need full color graphics in the header, footer or even the background of your custom notepads

b. Spot color printing - Used if you want one or two color inks other than black used for your notepad designs. This is cheaper than full color printing

c. Black ink printing - Standard and cheapest option for printing. This uses traditional black inks for your headers and footers.

3. Binding considerations - Notepads of course are typically bound together by some kind of binding agent. Of course, this binding agent must be tough enough to contain the notepad pages, but also loose enough to allow easy tear offs for notes. There are a few options here that you can play with.

a. Adhesive binding options - This is the simplest and most common type of binding method. By using rubber adhesives, the pages of the notepad come together in a nice durable manner that can easily be torn off though. Keep in mind that quality binding is needed here as this option is the weakest option.

b. Ring binding - Ring binding is a pretty tough and durable option for notepad printing. It also has a tear off option for each notepad page. It is not cheap though.

c. Perfect binding with perforations - Finally, the best looking binding that is tough for color notepads is the perfect binding method. However, since the notepad pages are pretty much bound tightly in this kind of process, perforations for each page is needed. This also is not cheap.

4. Paper considerations - Finally you have paper considerations when it comes to notepad printing. You have the option to use standard type paper if you want your notepad printing to be cheap. However, your note pads themselves can use special smoother type paper materials or even glossy type paper if need be. It all depends on the special coatings and paper sources for the notepad. You will have to ask your notepad printing company exactly what kind of paper options they have for your notepads.

So those are the different kinds of technical considerations that you have to learn about in notepad printing. The more you know about these things the better and easier it should be to develop your custom notepads.

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Date Published : Apr 5 2011

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