Full Color Notepads versus Single Color Notepads

Traditionally in the past notepad printing was pretty simple. You had a small header or maybe a footer signature plus some guidelines, all in the same color ink (typically black). Nowadays, color notepad printing is getting more popular and a lot of custom notepads area being created wherein full color images, logos and watermarks are integrated within each page of their designs.

So the question is, what is best for your notepad printing? Should your custom notepads be done in full color? Or in cheaper single color? Let me give you the blow by blow facts.

a. Why traditional single color notepads are great - Traditional single color notepads are great, simply because they are simple, functional and cheap. Everyone can print their own custom notepads easily with a few one color design flourishes here and there. You can have a notepad with green or even pink signature footers and headers, or you can have a more formal black type ink for official business notepads. You can never go wrong really with traditional single color notepad printing and they will faithfully do their jobs effectively as you want them to.

b. Weaknesses of the single color notepad - The only real weakness of custom notepads is when you pit them with other marketing notepads. When this happens, the single color notepad won't look as great and as memorable as other types of notepads with full color designs and graphics. They will look very bland, simple and even worth throwing away at times if they get compared with others. So if you plan on using color notepads for marketing and you have tough competition, single color notepads really will not work as effectively as you think they will.

c. Strengths of the full color notepad - Of course, as is obvious, the strengths of a full color notepad are in its full colors. With full color printing for your notepad designs, all the images, logos and water marks will turn out really vividly, maximizing the impact of the notepad. People will remember those notepad pages easily and you will even be able to effectively do some marketing with those notepads as you can push for a good and inviting message in full colors for the header, footer or event at the watermark. That notepad will be more than just some paper for writing if you print it in full color.

d. Some disadvantages of full color notepads - The disadvantage with printing full color postcards though is that there is always a tendency to overdo the design. If you are new to notepad printing this is a big possibility as it can be exciting to place in a lot of creative headers, footers and borders all around the custom notepad's page. While this may look great, it will also probably affect the functionality of the notepads themselves making them a lot more useless for other people. Some people might not even consider your notepad as a notepad if you do overdo your designs.

Now you know the real facts about single color notepads and full color notepads. Both options are actually good for anyone. So your choice actually depends on your specific use or goal for your custom notepads. So ask yourself now and determine exactly what you want your notepads to do. Personally, I would recommend going for full color notepads since you can just create the design competently without worrying about the risks involved in such a venture.

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Date Published : Apr 14 2011

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