Creating Unique Selling Proposition for Business

The market these days is tough, there is no denying about that. Every business out there, big or small, is trying to outshine each other in order to generate more customers and sales. If you want people to go to your store instead of your competitions, you better be prepared to the tough competition. You need to stand out in the crowd and give people a good reason why they should go to you.

Nowadays, simply claiming that you have great customer service is not enough to distinguish you from the pack. Everyone else is claiming the same, but only few are able to deliver. That trick has lost its luster and won't help you in your business.

Although offering great shopping convenience will work, but if you are not more convenient than your competitors you are only fighting a losing war. Experience well enumerated in your classy business cards can also be a good weapon, but odds are your competitors have a long list of it. Unless you can offer a unique skill that others don't have, you may not be able to persuade your prospects to purchase from you.

Being the cheapest will not work effective either. A lot of other businesses are also offering cheap offerings out there; some may even beat your price. This can be a tricky claim that can make you end up in the losing pit.

So, what can you possible do to market your business effectively? Is there any other way to outshine your competition? There actually is. Through your unique selling proposition. This refers to offering something to people that they can only get from you.

How do you create a winning unique selling proposition? There would always be something unique in your business whether it is the products or services you offer, the benefit you provide or the processes you perform. Most of the time you USP is already staring right in your face but you can't see it.

When identifying your USP, you need to ask yourself: why would people buy from you and what is unique about your business? You need to think of a unique offering that your competitors are not using yet. Sadly, a lot of business owners are finding it hard to create a solid unique selling proposition. Quite often, this is because there are so focused to your business that they forget to look at the forest. In other words, all their attention is on their business that they forget to look at the competition.

It is time to you focus on your competition. Unless you know what others are offering, it would really be difficult for you to know what makes you different. Here's what you need to do:

1. Study your competitors. List down their names, offerings, pricing, target market, unique features, and USP.
2. After you have done that to all your competitors, do the same to your business. Identify your offerings, target market, unique benefits and features.
3. Compare your notes. Look at the parts where you are have a different market niche or you are offering something different. Then determine if there is something you can do to fill the gap. List it down.
4. Identify which among your unique offerings your customers will find appealing.
5. Try it out. Once you have identified your unique point, put it in all your marketing materials, whether in your postcards or business card templates.

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Date Published : Apr 16 2011

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