7 Great Tips for Beginners in Notepad Printing

Want to know more about custom notepad printing? Well you are on the right track. It is of course prudent to know what you will be going into in notepad printing. Going through it headlong without even some preliminary research will only lead to wasted time and worse, wasted money. So let me get you started by giving you seven great tips for beginners in printing custom notepads. Here are the things that you should always remember at the start.

1. Always choose an online printer - While local printers for color notepads are typically okay, going for online notepad printing company is typically better. Why? Because with online printers, you can order anytime and monitor your order in real time. Also they typically offer the most notepad printing options and have fast turnaround times. Not to mention the fact that it is very easy and convenient to work with them since you do not have to go out of the office or house. So if you are a beginner, it is best to start easy by going for an online notepad printing company.

2. Use templates provided by the online printer - Now, when it comes to the design itself, it is always best to use templates provided by the online printer. Most printing companies will give you free notepad templates for you to design on. This helps you create the best and most compatible design for their notepad printing process. Of course it also helps you to quickly create a design without needing to set a lot of those dimension settings and margins. So make sure you get those free templates if possible.

3. Full color printing always works best - While you are printing a notepad, it is still best to print in full colors. This is especially true if your custom notepad design has logos and other small images on the header and footer. This adds more personality to your custom notepads and of course, if you choose a unique color, it also makes your designs distinct and more memorable to readers. That is why full color printing works best when you print notepads.

4. Use header, footer and background elements for customization - Every custom notepad must always have a defining customized element in its layout. This can be a header, footer, a watermark background or a combination of the three. This allows you of course to make the custom notepad into your own. While at the same time still keeping the primary functions of the notepad itself. Any more design elements might make the notepad cluttered and hard to use. That is why it is best to only stick to those three main elements.

5. Use a set specific color scheme - For a custom notepad, you should always use a set specific color scheme. Do not make it TOO colourful as you are not printing a catalog or poster here. You are printing a notepad that must be used by other people. So try to set a specific color scheme that is suited for color notepads. A color scheme with 2-3 colors should be okay. Any more colors and it might get too gaudy already.

6. Choose the best paper materials that you can afford - When printing notepads, you should always choose the best paper that you can afford. Do not settle for cheap paper as they deteriorate pretty quickly. So always ask your notepad printer for the best paper that they can provide. The thicker the better.

7. Make sure you choose the best binding - Finally, try to always be deliberate with your choice of binding when it comes to your notepad. You do not want your notepad to fall apart at the seams. While most would be okay with adhesive binding, if you have extra money, you should try ring binding as the tougher choice for custom notepads.

Great! With these tips, your notepad printing should do well even if you are a beginner. Good Luck!

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Date Published : Mar 31 2011

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