5 Tips to Thoroughly Prepare for Notepad Printing

Preparation is the key component in notepad printing that will spell success or failure in its process. A good laid out process and especially prepared draft materials should result in a great design and a quick time in notepad printing. Commit one mistake though in the process or miss an error in the content and design and you will be mass producing something that might just be a waste of money.

In this tutorial article, I will teach you five tips that should prevent your notepad printing from total disaster. As long as you follow this process all the time, there should be little risk. So make sure you take down notes and remember all these pointers.

1. Review your draft margins - The first thing that you need to review are the draft margins. A notepad needs some very precise boundaries to make sure that each design element is in its proper place for printing. The footer or header design elements should be accurately places so that they do not get cut off in a bad way once these notepads are printed. So make sure that you check your margins, printing bleeds and guidelines. Use a notepad template to compare your settings and adjust it when necessary.

2. Proofread your text content - While the content itself in most custom notepads is pretty small, there is no reason why you should not proofread your text content. In fact, there is a big reason why you should since typically content for custom notepads come in the form of signatures, contact information and even marketing slogans. That is why you should check if the content is accurate and up to date with perfect spelling and grammar worthy of mass production.

3. Check color blending - Afterwards, you should also then check the blending of the colors. Since this is a notepad, the color designs and backgrounds should not be too gaudy or potent for the notepad to actually be functional. Each color should blend in perfectly well with the scheme, with the text elements standing out for visibility. Make sure that most of the background colors are pretty light of course so that it is easy to write on in your notepads whatever kind of color pen is used.

4. Do some test printing - Also, it is a good idea to do a test printing of your notepad pages just to see what it will look like in reality. Sometimes some gross errors will only appear visibly once you print them in real life. So do some test printing and analyze fully your notepad page draft. Have others do the same analysis as well to make sure that you do not miss any gross errors in your custom notepad designs.

5. Review notepad printing options - Finally, before you issue the go ahead for full mass production of your custom notepads, you should review the notepad printing options. See if your notepad printing company will be using the proper paper materials, the proper inks and the right binding that will compliment your design. Check samples of the same notepad printing configuration to confirm how your own color notepad will look once mass produced.

Great! Now you know all the important preparations that you can do to make sure that your notepad printing does not come to any harm or mistakes. Stick to these guidelines well and you should have no trouble at all getting the best customized look for your own color notepads.

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Date Published : Apr 16 2011

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