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Asset Management is the strategic management of physical assets during their life in the organization. Physical assets have a life: they are planned and created, used, managed and maintained, and when no longer required prepared for disposal.

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1 Compare Annuity Rates: Knowing What You Have to Learn About It
2 The Key to Get the Best Annuity Plan
3 Protect Your Assets and Inventory with Commercial Property Insurance
4 Which Is Better For Your Needs: Term Life Insurance VS Whole Life Insurance
5 Annuity Quotes Online: Variable Annuities Explained
6 The Scope of Investing in Real Estate and Land
7 Preventing IRS Tax Levy on Your Assets
8 Introduction to Leasing and Asset Finance
9 Litigation is on the Rise and is Your Business Protected
10 Give an Asset and Take a Loan
11 Investing: Proper Asset Location of Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and Hard Assets
12 Getting Your Estate Planning Into Order
13 Retirement Saving: What You Need to Know
14 The Simple Steps to Selling Your Structured Settlement
15 Make the Most of Your Structured Settlement
16 Shrink the Value of Your Estate without Harming Your Business
17 Get Money Now From Your Annuity
18 Structured Settlements
19 Sell Your Gold for Some Quick Cash
20 The Self Directed IRA
21 Assets and Retirement Security
22 Building Business with a Retirement Plan
23 Planning Taxes for Retirement
24 What You Need to Know about Inheritance Tax
25 Estate Planning and Life Insurance for Seniors
26 Get That Offshore Banking Account You've Been Dreaming Of
27 Pre Nuptial Agreements - Protect Your Assets
28 Asset Protection for the Average American
29 How to Use Your Retirement Funds for Real Estate
30 Why Should I Get a Probate Lawyer?
31 How to Decide on Your Asset Allocation
32 Your Guide to Structured Settlement Payments
33 How Asset Labels Make Auditing Quick And Easy
34 Considerations Before Contracting Homeowners Insurance
35 Some Advice on Life Insurance Policies
36 Disability Insurance - General Knowledge
37 Underwriters of Acquisitions and Mergers
38 Protecting Your Most Prized Possession with Adequate Home Insurance
39 The Importance of Second Home Insurance
40 Liability Insurance Protects Your Assets
41 Bankruptcy Protection Offered through Disability Insurance
42 What do Structured Settlement Payments and Lottery Winnings Have in Common?
43 Discoving Hidden Assets
44 Judgment Brokers
45 Judgment Enforcers - How They Work
46 Living Without Home Buildings Insurance Could Mean the End of Your Life as You Know It
47 Local Judgment Enforcement
48 Why is Umbrella Insurance Important?
49 Selling your Judgment for Cash
50 What Isn't Covered By Your Building and Contents Insurance?

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